If you’re considering having a camper conversion, and are not sure where to start, please take a moment to read some of our frequently asked questions. We’ve tried to answer the most common questions people have when wishing to convert their van. We hope you find this section useful, however should you have a question that isn’t answered here, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

We only convert the VW transporter T5 and T6. We do not offer camper conversions for other models or makes I am afraid. We often get asked why this is, and it is just down to the fact we often have a 8-16 week lead time dealing with this range alone. Because we work on these vans day in, day out, We know them inside out. Because of this we can achieve a excellent finish and have many years of experience in fine tuning the fitting or methods of finish.
You can use either a VW transporter T5 or T6 panel van or Kombi van for the base vehicle for camper conversion.
A Transporter with twin side loading doors can still be converted but has a couple of issues: 1) you can not fit a oven/grill or grill into this conversion. The side loading door steps into the van by around 30mm which causes depth issues with the fitting of the appliance. 2) the overhead shelf option can be fitted, But is a short version and can only go upto where the door opening starts. We can not fix the end of the shelf in the normal position due to the top track of the side loading door runner. There is a extra cost of £250 for twin side loading door models due to extra work involved.
We recommend a T28 upwards for a SWB conversion and a T30 upwards for a LWB conversion.
A LWB gives a extra 400mm of space compared to the SWB. This means that you have more living space in the front.
All transporters from 2010 come with a 2.0l TDI engine, with extras added to increase power. There is a choice of 84bhp or 102 bhp which have a 5 speed gearbox. These can be remapped to get extra power for around £300 but would effect any manufacturers warranty. Then there is a choice of 140bhp or 180 bhp models which have a 6 speed gearbox or a DSG ( automatic option ) All models will happily cruise above UK speed limits but the 84bhp can feel under powered on inclines.
Both are fine for conversion and have pros and cons for each one. A Tailgate can be fitted with a 4 bike rack. A barn door can only be fitted with a 2 bike rack. (there is always a towbar bike rack option available ) Tailgate gives rain shelter, but takes much more free space to open. Looks more sleek. A barn door can be opened in limited space but in general is less desirable than a tailgate version.
The T6 range has 4 different models to choose from, with the basic being the startline, then the trendline model getting a few extras. Air con on these two models are only if added as upgrade when new. The highline is the most popular as this comes with Air con as standard. The sportsline version being the Golf GTI in the van world.
Some customers struggle to find the right spec of panel van. Kombi vans tend to come with better specs compared to panel vans ( not always the case!) So if a customer has a certain van in mind (tailgate -air con – metallic paint and single passenger seat ) then it may be that the van is not available in a panel van on the used market but available in a Kombi van. In general, a Kombi van is worth £2k more. You would get some of this money back as you can sell the seats, and since or conversion includes 2 front windows which a kombi van already has fitted, Then money would be knocked of the conversion cost for this ( approx £380 ) But in general you would only claw back around £1k so a Kombi van is not always the best option for value. But if you do not want to compromise on your vehicle spec it may be the only option.
Both these models have heating in the roof, Sometimes in the rear quarter panel, and because of this have different trims used in the B pillar backwards. These will not finish off well when fitting a Reimo roof so we will not convert these models.
We work on two vans at a time in the workshop, with 2 conversion technicians working on each van. Because the spec changes on each conversion, some take longer than others, But in general it takes 10-15 working days ( 160 -240 man hours ) to complete which we believe is a very fast turnaround with the attention and details given in our conversions.
his is a question we get asked a lot and to be honest there is not definite answer without knowing what you would like. For example, Some conversions only have a windows in the front half of the van. Some would have windows all round. A extra rear quarter window in a SWB is £210, but then you require a extra curtain @ £85. You then normally have the same again on the opposite side so just having this one upgrade comes in at a extra £590. In our conversion gallery, if a customer asks the question about costs, we do give a breakdown of costs for that exact conversion. Our price list tab at the top of the page is always our current price list and kept up to date.