Whilst many used vans will come with ply floor already fitted, it is best to replace it. There are a couple of reasons for this:

Firstly, most are only 9mm thick ply and are often in two sections. If you use a vinyl floor covering on top, this join can easily show through. Automotive carpet can be more forgiving, and sometimes your old ply floor can be used.

Secondly, if fitting vinyl flooring, then a new one piece floor is recommended. The reason for this is that these are normally cut quite badly around the wheel arch sections, due to normally being covered with a ply box to protect the wheel arch. There can also be cut outs for the bulkhead (normally removed in a conversion) which again leaves gaps, if trying to re-use.

We can offer a single piece ply floor in 12mm ply. Being in one piece means vinyl flooring can be fitted without any chance of the joint being visible. The slightly thicker floor creates a great base, and is the correct height for a Genuine VW Kombi step, which fits on top of the flooring, instead of under the ply.

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Ply Flooring & CoveringSWBLWB
Flooring in heavy duty Altro type vinyl
(Ply Floor not included)
Flooring in automotive carpet
(Ply floor not included)
1 piece ply floor (12mm)£200£230