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We know that child safety is of paramount importance for our customers and we often get asked which car seat can be used with a RIB Bed.

One of the main issues facing owners with RIB Beds is the height of the seat is much higher than that of a standard vehicle. Many car seats don’t have a long enough ‘leg’ to reach the floor, thus making the Isofix fittings on the bed unusuable and a seemingly unnecessary expense. However, a customer of ours has conducted extensive research and has compiled a list of car seats they own and have tried and tested* that work with a RIB Bed with slider. As RIB Beds can come with and without Isofix fittings, this list includes both seat belt fitted seats and Isofix fitted seats.

Our customer felt rear-facing for longer was the safest option, so all of these seats allow children to rear face to at least 9kg (approx 18 months). Two of the seats allow children to rear face to 18kg (approx 4 years old) and one to 25kg (approx 6 years old)

We hope you find this useful.

Joie Stages rear-facing from birth to 18kg (approx 4 years) with seat belt. Then forward facing to approx 7 years approx £100

Maxicosi Milofix isofix with top tether, rear-facing from birth to 18 months then forward facing to approx 4 years approx £225

Besafe iZi Kid x2 iSize isofix -rear facing only to 18kg (approx 6 months to age 4) Swedish Plus Crash Tested approx £299

Axkid Minikid 2.0 2018 rear-facing only from 0kg to 25kg (approx age 6) seat belt (front seat and back) with leg extension (and wedge for comfort) Swedish Plus Crash Tested approx £349 plus leg extension £25 and wedge £15

*Please note this article serves as information only. These seats have not been tried and tested by AJC Conversions Ltd. We advise all customers to conduct their own research into the safety of any of the products listed in this article. AJC Conversions Ltd can not be held responsible for any accident or injury caused by the retrospective fitting of child safety seats in any vehicle.

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