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    Hi, I’ve just bought a T5 2014 VW with barn doors, panel van. In your grey conversion with the bed up, would it be possible to get 2 road bikes in the back of the van? Does the conversion include windows?
    Many thanks

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      Hi Jason,

      Please find a break down of the costs below. We only offer a basic conversion package which can be upgraded to suit your own requirements.

      This way you only pay for the extras YOU need, Not what just comes in a bulk package.

      Our prices can be found on our website.

      This conversion had a very high specification. I have done a full breakdown of costs below.

      If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.

      T5 SWB Conversion £6250
      Reimo Roof £3250
      Colour code Reimo roof £300
      AJC roof bed £450
      RIB bed upgrade £1495
      Solar panel £495
      Reimo active roof rails £200 ( allows fitment of roof bars on Reimo roof )
      L shape kitchen and draw upgrade £250
      Grill £300
      Shelf upgrade with LED lights £250
      Rear shower £215
      Webasto diesel heater £1195
      2 x SWB rear quater windows £200 each = £400
      Van x curtains 3 & 1/2 side £297.50
      Van x curtains for barn door £85
      Passenger double swivel £350
      Stalk light on passenger side b pillar £55
      Kombi step and light £60
      Rear threshold cover £40

      Total cost £15,937.50 Inc VAT.

  2. Paul Allan


    How long would this conversion take to complete with
    Passenger double seat
    Reims roof
    Webasto heater

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      Hi Paul. This conversion takes around 15 working to complete. I am on hoilday at the moment but I think our next slot is in April. I am back on the Jan 31st so can confirm a exact date then.
      Regards Andy

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